The Crested Hens

on Polycarbonate

Unplucked CD Complete Score

The new CD, Unplucked, was released in the fall of 2008,
and consists of all original tunes composed by fiddler Valerie Sim,
including favorites "Mad Cow Girl/Twisted Prion" and "Cynthia's Song".

The scores for all the pieces on this album are also available as a printed booklet.
(The first edition had a few typos. See the errata page for details.)

The Crested Hens

The Crested Hens' debut CD was released in 2006, and was called, oddly enough, The Crested Hens.
A few copies might still be available.

Some places where you might find stray copies of the Crested Hens' CDs:

Or you can contact the webmaster at hens @, and I can see if I can find any.

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